Becoming a Web Cam Model

Becoming a Web Cam Model definitely doesn’t need to be a difficult process and should never cost you anything to do. Like any other job you are the one who should be getting paid so keep in mind if someone asks you to pay to become a web cam model they are not legit. Adult Cam Jobs is totally free and has streamlined the whole process so it’s not difficult to complete the process of becoming a web cam model.

Also unlike the majority of other companies we are not a webcam studio or in other words a middle man trying to take a percentage of your money in fact we don’t take a percentage of anything you earn.

The first things you’ll need to get started with becoming a web cam model is: a webcam, internet connection, a microphone if you’d rather not type so much and of course you must be a legal adult as well.


Becoming a Web Cam Model is Easy

Once you have these in place your ready to go! Now you’ll just need to visit Adult Cam Jobs or click the application link to your right on the screen. Once you’ve clicked apply it’s simple you just need to pick a username and password but keep in mind your username will become your modeling or performer name as well so have fun with it.

Now that you’ve completed this your account will be activated and you can log in to complete the process which involves filling out your web cam performer profile, uploading some pictures, uploading a digital picture or scanned copy of your id front and back for age verification and clicking to accept the performer agreement which basically covers topics such as no drug use on webcam and things of that nature.

At this point your application is in the processing stage which takes about 24 hours but often sooner if you’ve submitted everything. From that point on you can log in anytime you want to work on webcam and start raking cash from home as web cam model.

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  1. I submitted my application at and can’t wait to get approved so I can start working. Thanks!

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