Do I Have to Work at a Webcam Studio?

Is Adult Cam Jobs a webcam studio or is it work from home?

This is another one of those questions that we get all the time mainly due to misconceptions within the industry. In the world of webcam modeling there are basically two ways you can go about working; at a webcam studio or from home. We do not operate any webcam studios nor would be ever want someone to work from one when being at home is so much more fun. That’s why all of our positions are telecommute only.

You see a webcam studio is basically an office space split into several rooms from which people take turns working in, which not for nothing, doesn’t sound fun at all!

Some people enjoy working at a webcam studio do to the personal interaction with others or simply because it makes them feel more discreet about the whole but in reality the majority of people would much rather work at home without the hassles of driving and putting themselves out in the public by going to and from a studio.

Do I Have to Work at a Webcam Studio?

Webcam Studios Want YOUR Money

So to answer the question; no you don’t have to work at a webcam studio with Adult Cam Jobs, you can work discreetly from the comfort home. But besides the convenience keep in mind webcam studios often take much larger percentages of your earnings because they provide you with a space to work from and allow you to use their equipment but when you work directly with us you can forget all of that and earn up to 80% of your earnings.

Besides who wants to use “their space and equipment” who knows who used it last?! But that’s a whole other topic of discussion. What is your take on the situation? Would you rather from home like we offer or at a webcam studio?