Easy vs Advanced Model Registration

advanced-vs-easyWhen at the beginning of the application process you will be given an option to select Easy vs Advanced Model Registration options.

This does cause confusion for some of you and we apologize for that but now worries because we are going to clear that right up. So what it the difference? Let’s find out!

Easy Registration is the default option and the one you’ll want to use if you are a solo webcam model and do not plan to perform as a couple at anytime or with a friend.

Advanced Registration on the other hand is for those who wish to work on webcam by themselves as well as have the option to work as a couple or group.

For example if a married couple wants to work together on cam and sometimes solo as well they would want to choose the Advanced option whereas someone who simply wants to be a cam girl or always wishes to be on webcam by themselves will want the Easy option.

Now moving forward with your application you should have no trouble whatsoever selecting the right registration format to suit your needs.

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