Gay Webcam Modeling Tips


If you are new to the gay cam modeling industry it can seem slightly confusing just like any new job. So make things easier for our newest male webcam models here are some tips to help get you started.

Speaking and/or typing English will always earn you more money. Most of the world speaks it, so should you.

Additional languages are great, but the primary language of most adult webcam chat is English. Get on cam to have FUN. Don’t get on Cam to Make Money. Have Fun, and you will Make Money.

Always have props, toys etc. close by. Also any changes to your outfit close by. Don’t ever make your guests wait for you while your “off cam” to go get something.

Letting your clients always know when you will be back whether its hours from now, or tomorrow, give them a time and date, and you’ll be surprised how many come back to see you exactly the time you told them. Another thing, don’t tell them a time and then be late.

Use your customers nickname, but you will often want to re-size it down to something easier if its too long. Just make sure they know who your talking about if you shortened their name.

Also, learn their real name, memorize or write it down, and use it often when they come back so they will be impressed that you remembered them.

It’s important to have yourself in proper order. Remember, its called webcam modeling, so you do need to be presentable in whatever realm your portraying.

Don’t show up with wet hair, no clothes on and look like you just came in from the shower unless that’s what your advertising or that’s what your clients want from you. You want to make a good impression the first time.

It’s important not to give too much attention to one guy/girl in your chat room, when you have many in there. It can be tough, but you will need to determine from 2-3 who will most likely take you private. You can tell this by their interest, but often times the silent type will take you private when you have several guys talking and very interested. So look for the silent guy just watching, sometimes he’s much more interested than you think.

Keep your microphone on if you use one. It’s much easier to be able to talk to 7 or 8 guys than the almost impossible task of typing to them all but this is optional.

How you all put these gay cam modeling tips to good use!