How to Get Paid to Cam

How to get paid to cam

If you’re considering a webcam job you certainly want to know how you get paid to cam as well as how frequently. We know how important it is to get your payouts on time every time and we ensure you that we do just that.

All performers are paid on a bi-weekly basis which means every two weeks you’ll receive your earnings. The exact payout dates are the 10th and 25th of each month but typically we try to get them sent to you a couple days earlier than the actual dates just so you have your money even quicker!

Your payouts will be composed of all your earnings from live webcam chats, videos you’ve uploaded to our site, client tips, picture sales and anything else you’ve earn will all be lumped into one big payout. So no need to worry about receiving several payments.

Get Paid to Cam: The Payment Methods

We offer several different payment methods for you to choose from so you can decide which is the most convenient for you. Also please note all of your payments are completely discreet and mention nothing about webcam modeling or the nature of the work whatsoever. So rest assured there will be no surprises!

The payout methods available are as follows:

  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer (Prepaid Debit Card)
  • Direct Deposits

If you’d like to find out  about all the ways you can earn money read more about Earning Money Modeling.

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    1. You get paid as one but you can set it up so you both have separate accounts if you’d like. Thanks for the question!

    1. We pay via check, wire transfer for prepaid debit card. All discreet, safe and private.

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