Shake Your Booty Online

shake-your-bootyIsn’t booty shaking fun?! It’s even more fun when you can shake your booty online and get paid for it too.

Many of us are guilty of recording ourselves making it clap and uploading it to tube sites when we are bored or just feel like dancing but we seem to forget that we could be making money doing that in the first place. I mean why not, right? We are already recording ourselves in the first place!

Our webcam jobs offer dancers something others do not; the ability to upload recorded videos of ourselves. So if you plan to shake your booty live on webcam or not you’ll have yet another way to keep the cash flowing.

Shake Your Booty and Cash Out!

When you become a cam model you’ll be able to log in and access much more then the steps to complete the application.

You’ll find you can upload videos of yourself dancing which will then be available to all of our nearly 1 million registered members and they will pay to watch them over and over again. Each time they do, you’ll be making money for literally every second they view it.

So if you’re shy about being live on webcam or only want to do it occasionally or just want to boost your income level, now there’s another way to earn money online with those booty shaking skills. There’s not limit to how many videos you can upload and earn money around the clock with, even when your not online. Once they are uploaded you get paid 24 hours a day, even when your asleep!

Looking for something a bit more risque? Read about our exotic dance jobs we have available.

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