Am I Skinny Enough to Be a Cam Girl

We get the question: “Am I skinny enough to be a cam girl?”, all the time and thought we had better address it to clear the air. The webcam modeling industry has long been subject to many stereotypes mainly due to promoters and recruiters who do not understand the needs of the models clients.

Am I Skinny Enough to Be a Cam Girl?









Unfortunately they believe every client is only interested in slender and athletic looking women when, although many do, nothing could be further from the truth. Just as many of our paying customers enjoy fuller figure ladies as they do thinner women. So to answer the question simply, the answer is there is no need to even concern yourself with being “skinny enough” because we need cam girls of all shapes and sizes.

Does My Shape Matter? No.

Whether you’re a curvy woman, thin and petite or somewhere in between, you can become a webcam model without any issues with us whatsoever. There is always a demand for women of all body types so don’t let any naysayers hold you back and realize that we welcome you and know for a fact that regardless of size you can become a successful performer with Adult Cam Jobs.

Being a cam girl is about interacting with your customers and helping turn their fantasies into a reality much more than it is about someones size. We have never turned a single person down due to their figure and never will because all people are beautiful.

Do you have questions regarding body types, something you’d like to add to the conversation or modeling in general? Let us know in the comments below.