Ways to Make Money as an Internet Model

Cam model making money online.

For a lot of people making money online or from home seems foreign but it’s quite easy for cam models. In fact there are numerous ways to rake it in and they don’t always involve being on camera.

How cam models make money

Let’s take a look at the top ways you can earn by being an internet model and influencer. We hope you’re ready for this!

1. Make money performing live on cam

The first and most obvious is being on cam performing and chatting with your customers. This can range from some vanilla conversation to a full blown striptease or role playing session. That’s up for you to decide!

2. Getting tips from your clients

An often overlooked way to reel in the cash on cam is via tips. A model can receive tips anytime. You could offer teases for tips as a way to incentivize it and more often than not people will tip you just for the fun of it.

Some internet models even utilize interactive vibrators that will pulse every time they receive a tip.

3. Selling custom pictures

A client thinks you’re hot and they want pictures to enjoy even when you’re not online. Selling custom pictures is a great way to earn even more money while working as a webcam model. Some services have that technology built right in for customers and you just get paid as they snap away.

4. Offering videos for various fantasies

Similarly to your photos, offering customized videos tailored to a variety of fantasy topics can really increase your earnings. You can make your own or take requests. All of which leads to you making more cash whether you’re online live or not.

5. Virtual gifts from your customers

Depending on the service, some of them give your customers the ability to not only send tips but virtual gifts as well. They all vary in value but they all equate to more cash in your account.

From the examples above, you can clearly see that there are a huge variety of ways for to make money with internet cam modeling. Don’t let your time spent live on cam limit your earnings potential. Instead give some of these a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.