Being a Stripper vs Being a Cam Model

Webcam Modeling vs Being a Stripper

Believe it or not many people when first hearing about an occupation like webcam modeling instantly conjure up mental images of someone being a stripper and the whole club scene. The only problem is the fact that there is really no comparison at all.

Being a stripper involves traveling to a club or a venue of some sort and literally dancing, grinding and doing all sorts of things with strange men and women out in public.

Hey no one said being an exotic dancer was for everyone! It takes a certain type of person and certain type of confidence to be a truly successful stripper. And quite frankly not many people want to commit to doing something like that not that there is anything wrong with it but put simply, many people don’t want to do something like that so close to home.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though! Lets take a look at the differences between getting into webcam modeling versus being a stripper and why you should definitely consider the first option.

Webcam Modeling vs Being a Stripper

Realities of Being a Stripper

  1. Having to work when the club dictates.
  2. Dancing in person with often unruly clients.
  3. Dealing with downtime (not many people in the club when it’s snowing).
  4. Showing nudity in a local venue can always lead to unnecessary drama.

Realities of Webcam Modeling

  1. Work anytime you feel like it with complete control of your schedule.
  2. You work from home so if you don’t like a client you can block them.
  3. There is no downtime when your working with clients from around the world.
  4. Everything is done from the comfort of home. No need to worry about the neighbors.

As you can probably tell being a stripper vs webcam modeling really has no comparison. In fact they basically polar opposites and the worst part is we only named 4 differences when in reality there are probably 50.

The only reason common aspects are the fact that you can show nudity if you want as a webcam model and you can also dance if you’d like — however neither are mandatory like it is being a stripper.

I hope this helped clear up some common misconceptions and hopefully if you were considering being a stripper you’ll instead give webcam modeling a try and see that you can actually make more money privately from home as well.