Sexy Jobs for College Students and Part Timers

Sexy jobs for college students.

Part time jobs can truly suck. What about some sexy jobs for college students to do instead of the same ole’ pizzeria, cafeteria, fast food crap that we always get stuck doing?

As a college student myself I am here to announce that finally there is something fun to do for some extra cash albeit a bit naughty.

I was so sick of working part time jobs during college that only made me maybe 8 or 10 dollars per hour especially when I could only work like 10 hours each week.

My fruit loop of a schedule made it even more difficult to even get a job! Then it all happened one night when I was searching the internet. I came across the glowing redness of Adult Cam Jobs. That’s right, this very website!

As you probably already figured out I began working with them as a cam girl and still to this day work with them flirting and messing around on webcam in my free time.

Fast Food Job vs Being a Cam Girl

Whoa! Talk about night and day! Seriously the difference between the two was unreal. For starters the freedom I now had was unreal. Literally I went from working 3 days a week with varying times to working as a cam girl whenever I wanted to. It was frigging perfect!

You know how it is with college classes and the different times, days of the week etc… A cam girl I could work in between classes, wicked late at night or even when I was just feeling like I was in the mood — if you know what I’m saying.

Needless to say I went from the the french fry cook to the secret internet vixen and loved every minute of it!

Sexy Jobs for College Students

Now lets get to the juicy part; the money. Well at my old job I worked roughly 10 to 15 hours a week at a little over 8 dollars per hour. Yep it was about 100 bucks a week I would take home.

What can you seriously buy with 100 bucks anymore? I’d buy some snacks, maybe some drinks and after my cellphone was paid, I’d be broke again. Fun times, fun times.

This was a huge difference as well because after a few months a cam girl I was literally making at least 100 every time I got on webcam for awhile. I went from 15 hours making me 100 bucks to working 15 hours a week on cam making over 600 dollars! It was nuts!

Of course it took me a few months to get used to it and get over my own nervousness and stuff like that but once you get past that point it’s awesome!

Not for nothing but I’m not a super model or anything close to a beauty queen but with a bit of flirting, open mindedness and a touch of a naughty streak — anyone could do this.

If you’re like me and sick of boring, low paying jobs for college students then consider becoming a cam girl but be prepared to have your mind blown!